Designing Building and Erecting is an Art.

At M INGEGNERIA, where we develop even steel structures workshop designs, we think our job is an art, furthermore a real passion that finds us all committed, regardless the role, towards a constant improvement on the path for knowledge.
When we decided to start this journey, to lead our new commitment to success, we had to clearly determine the requirements we had to satisfy:

- In-depth knowledge and experience of the whole process of construction of steel structures;
- Strong theoretical background in the design and calculation of structures;
- Mastery of the methods of numerical computation and programs (software) applications.

In order to achieve all this, building a heterogeneous group of close-knit and motivated people, who had the desire and the enthusiasm of youth and the maturity and experience of the… not so young anymore, was necessary.

With this approach in mind, when we at M INGEGNERIA deal with any project, we consider it as part of the Art of Construction and as such our proposed solution must reach the full realization and the final goal of the assigned Work.